Quatuor Van Kuijk’s French CD: Sensitive and sonorous quartet playing

Quatuor Van Kuijk’s French CD: Sensitive and sonorous quartet playingEvery year, the European Concert Hall Organisation selects a number of musicians and ensembles to participate in the next season’s Rising Stars programme. The chosen artists are given the opportunity to perform in the organisation’s network of concert venues and thus reach a wide international audience and gain solid ground beneath their feet.

The Van Kuijk Quartet was also among this year’s chosen few. Although the quartet will not perform in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw until next June, proof is already available that is certainly well worth listening to. On their second CD – their first, featuring Mozart quartets, was released only recently in mid-2016 – the French musicians recorded the classic combination of Ravel and Debussy, to which they added Chausson’s Chanson Perpétuelle.

The Van Kuijk Quartet produces a highly sensitive and luxurious quartet sound, in which the balance between the four instruments is practically perfectly and the timing is organic. These string players remain entirely unfazed, playing according to a calmly executed plan, entirely of their own making: highly intelligent. We look forward to a promising concert next June, when they will be playing not only Debussy but also Schubert.


© Frederike Berntsen - Trouw, Cultuur&Media


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