New to Squire Artists: Pascal Rogé

Pascal Roge"... Only elegance, discipline and transparent clarity added light to this concert. Pascal Rogé's phrases breathe, artfully spanning tonal arches from one keystone to the next. None of the pianistic 'thunderers' but a singing architect, feeling, touchting, sparkling - brilliant."


Pascal Rogé on his website, 12 October 2015:
"Exciting news today! Our long-awaited Two-Piano Percussion CD has finally come out! We are very excited about it! We had a wonderful time working on this recording, with our fabulous percussionists Paul Clarvis and Joby Burgess, and our long-time sound-engineer Jean-Claude Gaberel. Program on the CD consists of Ravel Bolero, Bartók Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, and Pulse Magnet by the amazing Australian composer Matthew Hindson".




Piano Trio

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Piano Quartet

String Quartet

Piano & Winds

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Chamber Orchestra