Farkas QuintetAmsterdam

"It was instantly clear that here we had five musicians on stage who were performing, on the one hand, purely in the service of the music and, on the other hand, as a perfectly attuned team of soloists."


“The conviction with which the Farkas Quintet played Dvořák's String Quartet No. 12 ‘American’ in an arrangement for woodwind quintet was palpable, with a beautifully expansive, drawn-out Lento, surrounded by briskly articulated faster movements. The result: enthusiastic applause at the end of this festive afternoon.”

Since 1997, Farkas Quintet Amsterdam has grown into one a truly prominent wind quintet, characterized by a distinctive ‘quintet sound,’ technical perfection, and absolute freedom in their performances. These five friends in music for life, all of them employed by major national and international orchestras, have remained true to their love of the woodwind quintet repertoire for more than 25 years by performing as an ensemble in various projects.


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