cinemia in concertoGioele Muglialdo has asserted himself in Europe as one of the most accomplished and authoritative conductors of cine-concerts, being among the few in the world who possess the required specific skill of synchronizing sound and images. The screening of old and new film masterpieces with a live orchestra playing the soundtrack is a genre in great demand, and has piqued the interest of the young and old, not only of regular concert-goers and movie lovers. The repertoire includes veritable gems, such as the famous masterpiece Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s silent movie with music by Gottfried Huppertz: a score worthy of a Richard Strauss.

He collaborated with Museo Internazionale Nazionale del Cinema Torino, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Archives Audiovisuelles de la Principauté de Monaco, Navarra “Noir” Film Festival, Charlie Chaplin Edition, Europäische FilmPhilharmonie, IMG Artists, Laval Opéra Festival 2019 "Cinema Paradiso" (France), Cineteca Italiana (Milano).