“Weithaas plays with vigour and power, als well as a willingness to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Her playing is lush and sweet-toned.”

Antje Weithaas


"Style, interaction, an approach suffused with a sense of humanity: Quatuor Tchalik's performances bear the signature of one of the great French quartets of the new generation!"

Quatuor Tchalik


"The finest chamber music performance I have heard anywhere"

Notos Quartett


"Any more compellingly idiomatic or richly seasoned cello playing than this would be hard to contemplate" - International Record Review

Raphael Wallfisch


" ...The young Italian conductor, Gioele Muglialdo, was precise to the second, the millimeter! Such perfection would deserve the creation of a special award, the "Honorary Metropolis"

Gioele Muglialdo


“Keigo Mukawa, a whirlwind of hallucinatory poetry”

Keigo Mukawa


"It is absolutely evident just how much joy these musicians of 4.1 experience when they perform. The ensemble 4.1 not only plays in total harmony together, but their dedication to the music and the performance is shining through every note."

Ensemble 4.1


"The finest Brahms playing one could hope to hear" - "These four instruments are like a breath of fresh air on the chamber music scene.

Leipziger Streichquartett


“in Dvorak’s G major Quartet, Opus 106……It was a joy to witness the visual communication the quartet displayed with each other……if I had to single out one movement for praise, it would be the slow Adagio, in which the quartet’s glowing tone filled the entire gallery. The exciting finale was delivered with great panache. What a great start to the season.”

Piatti Quartet


"The sound quality of this disc is simply stunning: crisp, clear, almost razor-sharp in its realistic presentation of the string sound, and the equally crisp playing of Quartetto di Venezia makes it a pleasure to hear."

Quartetto di Venezia


"A very vivid, distinctive and already legendary pianist"

Nick van Bloss


"A splendid performance guaranteed with the Berlinskaya-Ancelle duo which, by the virtue of their unified playing, is reflected by an irresistible interpretation marked by a wonderful sense of freshness and relief."

Berlinskaya - Ancelle duo


“These four musicians form a brilliant unit. They work together like a well-oiled machine, making music with a single, big beating heart.”



New to Squire Artists: Quatuor Tchalik

New to Squire Artists: Quatuor Tchalik

Squire Artists is delighted to announce the addition of the Quatuor Tchalik to its international roster of artists.

Quatuor Tchalik is notable not least because its members are four siblings who have been making music together since their earliest childhood. This accounts for their entirely natural approach to expressive and versatile quartet playing, based on an extraordinary artistic connection. They are also regularly joined by their brother, pianist Dania Tchalik.

The quartet has performed at the great concert halls of Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, and also in Asia. They caused a sensation at the 2018 Salzburg International Mozart Competition, taking both the first and the special prize for best interpretation. Quatuor Tchalik has released four highly acclaimed CDs, earning them two Choc de Classica and one Télérama ffff award.

New to Squire Artists: Keigo Mukawa

New to Squire Artists: Keigo Mukawa

We are delighted to welcome pianist Keigo Mukawa to Squire Artists' international roster of performing artists.

Keigo Mukawa, 3rd Prize winner of the 2021 Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels and 2nd Prize winner at the 2019 Long-Thibaud-Crespin Competition in Paris recently released a brand-new double CD featuring the complete works of Maurice Ravel for solo piano on NOVA Record. The Ravel Album was presented during a recital given at Flagey’s large Studio 4 concert hall in Brussels as part of the renowned Piano Days Festival on Sunday 12 February. A packed concert hall rewarded him with overwhelming applause for his impressive rendition of works by Bach, Mozart, Nishimura and Ravel.

Release new CD Piatti Quartet

Piatti Quartet

Having already left such a favourable impression with their contribution to Nicky Spence's distinguished reading of Vaughan Williams's On Wenlock Edge, the Piatti Quartet return with this gem of a release, notable for the first recording of the String Quartet in E minor by Ina Boyle. This disc also includes rarely recorded quartet repertoire from her teacher Ralph Vaughan Williams and her contemporaries, E.J. Moeran and John Ireland.

I. Boyle, Moeran, Ireland and Vaughan Williams

Piatti Quartet - Boyle

Ina Boyle - String Quartet in E Minor - III. Allegro molto

Release new CD Arthur Ancelle & Ludmila Berlinskaya

Arthur Ancelle & Ludmila Berlinskaya

This festive album marks the 10th anniversary of the Berlinskaya-Ancelle piano duo. It mirrors the music of George Gershwin and that of Alexander Tsfasman, founder of the first jazz ensemble in the USSR and first performer of Rhapsody in Blue in the Soviet Union in 1945 - the year of his own Jazz Suite.

Gershwin Tsfasman

Ancelle & Berlinskaya - Gershwin Tsfasman

Alexander Tsfasman - From Jazz Suite: Snowflakes

Alexander Tsfasman - From Jazz Suite: Fast movements




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